Reporter describes the grueling process of correcting Trump's non-stop stream of lies
Daniel Dale appears on CNN (screen grab)

Toronto Star reporter Daniel Dale, who has earned a reputation as a tireless chronicler of President Donald Trump's multiple lies, has given an interview with New York Magazine in which he acknowledges that keeping track of Trump's falsehoods is "mentally tiring."

When asked by the magazine if he drinks or does drugs to cope with tracking the president's lies, Dale says he does neither of those things.

"Without complaining, just as a factual matter, it’s a lot, because there are a lot of lies," he said. "So it’s physically tiring, and sometimes it can be mentally tiring when fact-checking his false claim about the trade deficit with China for literally the hundredth time."

When asked about why Trump lies with such frequency, Dale says he's concluded that it's "how his brain works."

"I think most of it is nonstrategic," Dale explains. "He says things like, 'My father was born in Germany,' and you’re just like, 'Why? What is the point of that?' I think something that distinguishes Trump from other political liars or dissemblers is how trivial and needless many of the lies are."

Read the entire interview here.