Rick Wilson buries Bill Barr's 'dangerous' testimony: He's dedicating himself 'to the service of evil'
Rick Wilson appears on CNN/Screenshot

Longtime Republican strategist Rick Wilson has written a scathing column in The Daily Beast ripping apart Attorney General Bill Barr for his Senate testimony where he said that the Trump campaign had been "spied" upon without citing any evidence to back up his claim.

Wilson takes Barr to task for transforming from a civil servant into a stooge for an authoritarian president -- or as Wilson puts it, Barr has joined a long list of historical figures who began as "competent people" before being "given over to the service of evil."

"Bad governments don’t start as nihilist terror; they’re the work of people who look like your neighbors," Wilson writes. "They build anodyne policy directives to justify the acidic erosion of the rule of law. They put the tools of government and administration to darker and darker purposes while compartmentalizing inevitable excesses in the name of political expediency."

Wilson then predicts that Barr is setting the stage for upcoming "show trials" of Trump's critics who worked in federal law enforcement, and he says Democrats must go to court to get the entire Mueller report immediately.

"The fact the Democrats aren’t already in court to get the full, unredacted Mueller report is exactly the kind of behavior that happens in nations slipping from democracy to authoritarianism," he writes. "They think this is procedural and political, not existential. There are no brakes, no white knight in DOJ to come to the rescue, and unless Democrats get the entire report in court, Barr, Trump, and Fox will write the history of this sorry affair."

Read the whole report here.