Robert Mueller’s dispute of AG Barr will have ‘great consequences’: Washington Post reporter
Former FBI Director Robert Mueller said cyber security will be the number one future threat in the country, but for the time being, "counterterrorism and stopping terrorist attacks" is more important. (Photo: Kit Fox/Medill Flickr)

On Tuesday, Washington Post reporter Matt Zapotosky explained the impact of Robert Mueller's rebuke against Attorney General Bill Barr's summary of the special counsel investigation.

"Can you lay out how unprecedented a move this is?' CNN host Erin Burnett asked.

"Mueller is so buttoned up," Zapotosky said. "He barely said anything about the course of his probe. One time he emerged to dispute a Buzzfeed story."

He added, "Anytime Mueller say anything he thinks about it at great length. It’s of great consequence. He surely knows putting this down in a letter will memorialize it. This will become a part of history. He is for all intents and purposes disputing how Bill Barr cast his work. Everyone can kind of read his full report now,and come to their own conclusion. It’s a remarkable thing."

Watch the full interview below: