San Juan Mayor thinks Trump hates Puerto Rico because his golf club there went belly-up
Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz on MSNBC (screengrab)

The mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico suggested that President Donald Trump dislikes the people of the island because his golf course there went bankrupt.

Carmen Yulín Cruz appeared on MSNBC's "All In" with Chris Hayes on Tuesday.

"Do you think he has it out for the Puerto Rican people and has a vendetta against the people of the island?" Hayes asked.

"You know, the president had a golf course here -- which many people may not remember -- and it went bankrupt," she noted.

"I don't know if that is the root of his vindictive behavior towards Puerto Rico, but it is also insensitive and he is also prone to classic Donald Trump temper tantrums," she continued. "If he doesn't get what he wants, he will put people out and take away the most basic thing."

"Aid should not be weaponized, it should not be used to divide, it should not be put people against each other," she argued.

"There is a reservation, the Pine Ridge, which also is in dire need of federal assistance," she reminded. "Why does it seem like it's always people of color?"