Scathing editorial says 'hostile' Trump is defying Congress to save him from 'political jeopardy'
President Donald Trump faces more investigations after being cleared of collusion with Russia in the Mueller probe. (AFP / Eric BARADAT)

On Wednesday, the editorial board at The Washington Post wrote that President Donald Trump is more concerned about "political jeopardy" than protecting the Oval Office.

As multiple investigations loom over Trump, he told his team to ignore subpoenas from House Democrats.

"If that were the standard, then Congress could never investigate anything. Mr. Trump’s Republican colleagues must remember the battles they fought with President Barack Obama over transparency only a few years ago when they ran the House," the board wrote.

The editorial went on to explains that Trump's "own words" are revealing his true motives.

"Mr. Trump’s own words reveal that he is motivated not by any specific concern about protecting presidential decision-making or some other crucial executive-branch function — but by concealing anything that might land him in political jeopardy," they said.

Trump actions are, yet again, unprecedented the editorial noted.

"In the past, the executive branch and Congress generally struck deals to avoid direct confrontations on executive secrecy. But Mr. Trump seems unlikely to ditch his pugnacious attitude. If and when courts consider the situation, they will find a president unreasonably hostile to Congress’s legitimate interest in gathering information," they wrote.

Read the full editorial here.