'Sinister': CNN's Gregory hammers Trump's 'dangerous talk' about voter fraud conspiracies

CNN's David Gregory on Wednesday slammed President Donald Trump for once again stoking conspiracy theories about recent Democratic electoral victories.

After playing a video from Tuesday night in which Trump raised suspicions about the Democrats' electoral victories in the 2018 midterm elections, CNN's Alisyn Camerota said it would be wrong to dismiss this kind of talk as one of the president's personality quirks.

"In terms of the election fraud stuff he's trying to peddle, it's more dangerous than just loose talk," she said. "What I hear is him setting up something for if it doesn't go his way in 2020."

Gregory agreed with Camerota and accused the president of undermining faith in American democracy.

"It is sinister," he said. "And you go back to the presidential debates in 2016 where he, at that time, said, 'Maybe I wouldn't give up peacefully' if he lost. That's dangerous talk from a candidate or from a president of the United States."

Gregory then said it was "vitally important" for the media to "shine a light" on Trump's misinformation, such as his false claims that he only lost the popular vote in 2016 due to millions of "illegal" votes for Hillary Clinton.

Watch the video below.