Stephen Miller 'a white nationalist' -- and he 'doesn't care about protecting many Americans': Stacey Abrams
Stacey Abrams and Steven Miller/CNN screen shot

Former Georgia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams told CNN on Tuesday that President Donald Trump's senior policy advisor Stephen Miller --widely believed to be behind the purge at the Department of Homeland Security and architect of the president's family separation policy-- was a "white nationalist" who didn't care about protecting "most Americans."

Abrams made the comment during a discussion of Trump's statement that he won't re-implement the policy --a claim she didn't believe-- and said it was driven by the president's "very strong xenophobia" that "writ large is directed at people of color."

"What about the man who's also really leading this for the White House, Steven Miller?" asked host Brooke Baldwin. "Congresswoman Ilhan Omar referred to him as a white nationalist. Do you agree with her?"

"I believe that what we have seen from Stephen Miller is vestiges of white nationalism," Abrams said. "But the problem is we can't investigate him or where he stands because he holds a position that is not subject to public vetting."

"That's one of the deepest concerns I have," she continued. "This is a person who is directing the Department of Homeland Security, the third largest agency in this nation, that's responsible for protecting us, but the person pulling the strings does not seem to care about protecting many Americans."

Watch the video below.