Steven Mnuchin gets dismantled by a conservative who is fed up with his 'brazen defiance of the law'
Steve Mnuchin (screen grab)/YouTube)

In her latest op-ed in the Washington Post, conservative columnist Jennifer Rubin trashes the Trump administration for failing to disclose the Presidents taxes.

President Trump insists that he can't reveal his taxes because he's being audited.

Rubin notes that Secretary of Treasury Steven Mnuchin's refusal to honor Congress's wishes is the latest Trumpian attack on the rule of law.

"The announcement that Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin would not provide six years of President Trump’s tax returns by the deadline given by the House Ways and Means Committee chairman was just the latest in a long series of egregious attacks on the rule of law," Rubin writes.

"Perhaps it felt more egregious than some because the law at issue is so clear (the Treasury Department “shall” provide them) and the administration’s conduct is so indefensible."

She continues by observing that legal analysts were nevertheless shocked.

"Even jaded legal experts versed in the Trump administration’s lawlessness were taken aback by this brazen defiance of the law," she says.

"And, of course, the latest act of defiance is not an isolated breach of the president’s oath. The tax returns are actually more relevant to Congress’ oversight function than they would be for a law-abiding, norm-preserving president," Rubin writes.

She concludes by noting that if the issue ever came before the Supreme Court, Justice Brett Kavanaugh could perhaps make up for his partisan rants during the confirmation hearings.

"And for Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh, whose independence and objectivity were thrown into doubt by his partisan rant during his confirmation hearing, a decision against the administration would be the first step in a much-needed personal rehabilitation," she says.