'More suspicious than impressive': Congresswoman blasts AG Barr for concealing Mueller report
Rep. Nita Lowey (Image credit: NBC News / screenshot)

On Tuesday, Rep. Nita Lowey (D-NY) laid into Attorney General William Barr at his budgetary hearing before the House Appropriations Committee.

"I want to address a series oversight matter: your unacceptable handling of special counsel Robert Mueller's report," said Lowey. "It's been reported that the report is 300 to 400 pages, and I use the term 'reported' because we have no idea how long it actually is. All we have is your four-page summary which seems to cherry-pick from the report, to draw the most favorable conclusion possible for the president. And in many ways your letter raises more question than it answers."

"I must say it is extraordinary to evaluate hundreds of pages of evidence, legal documents and finding based on a 22-month-long inquiry and make definitive legal conclusions in less than 48 hours," Lowey continued. "Even for someone who had done this job before, I would argue it's more suspicious than impressive."

Lowey then noted that Barr wrote a memo, before even being hired as attorney general, arguing that the president cannot obstruct justice. "Your audition clearly went well," she said sardonically. "I look forward to reviewing the Mueller report myself. I know my constituents do as well ... the American people deserve the facts."

Watch below: