Texas woman threatens to call ICE on food truck with permit
Dallas, Texas racist woman (Photo: Screen capture)

In a video posted to YouTube, a Dallas, Texas woman is seen threatening a group working to set up their food truck.

According to Claudia Lopez, they have a permit for the truck, but an angry woman in a wrong-side-out shirt came outside to shout at them and tell them to leave. Lopez quickly turned on her phone to record the exchange, and the other woman did the same after seeing Lopez.

"Please move," the woman told the food truck.

Another woman can be heard off camera talking about the "crazy" woman in Spanish, saying that they have permission to park in the spot.

"Go back inside," Lopez was then heard saying.

"OK, baby girl, vamanos," the woman said.

"I'm not your baby girl," Lopez responded.

"I'll call ICE," the woman ranted.

"OK, call ICE," Lopez shot back. She then walked back to the truck. "I don't care who you call."

Raw Story has reached out to Lopez for further information but has not yet heard back.