'The white nationalist message is always there': CNN legal analyst rips into Trump
Jeffery Toobin [Screencap from video]

On Monday's edition of CNN's "The Situation Room," CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin cut to the heart of why former Vice President Joe Biden has latched onto the violent white supremacist clash in Charlottesville, Virginia as a microcosm of President Donald Trump's moral failing.

"The fact that the President of the United States, who said that both sides had good people in them, in this white nationalist rally, and the fact he said this weekend that he expressed himself perfectly — perfectly — I think that just shows where he is," said Toobin. "This weekend he was also tweeting in support of the second person drafted in the NFL draft, who was a white guy who had expressed racist sentiment."

"This is who the president is," Toobin continued. "You turn off the teleprompter when he's obliged to say something politically acceptable. When you go to Donald Trump expressing himself on his own, the white nationalist message is always there."

Watch below: