Kansas City police chief claims cops who beat unarmed black man were doing what they were 'trained' to do
Police shattering the car window of a black man's car [Photo: Screenshot from video]

Kansas City police chief Chris Soule said that his officers were only doing what they were "trained" to do after they brutally attacked a black man.

The police were responding to call about a disturbance being made by Aaron Fletcher.

"Police said Aaron Fletcher created a disturbance while requesting information from the officer’s personnel file. Fletcher was told how to properly request the information, the department said in its statement," the report said.

"Video recorded by police and witnesses shows Sugar Creek police officers break the driver side window of an SUV and hit a man with a baton while arresting him Monday," according to Kansas city news.

When asked about the officer's use of excessive force, Soule said, “they did what they were trained to do.”

Watch below: