Tomi Lahren dragged for latest ‘blatant lie’ – That ‘the left says we must be tolerant of Sharia’ and stoning gays
Tomi Lahren appears on Fox News (screen grab)

Tomi Lahren is getting her due after tweeting her latest lie. The Fox News pundit appears to be even more anti-Islam than she is anti-LGBT, but fulfilled her true goal of following her leader, President Donald Trump, in his attacks on Democratic Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar.

As she tends to do, offering zero context or background, Lahren out of the blue falsely claimed that "the Left" is standing up for Rep. Omar by saying "we MUST be tolerant of Sharia Law" including "oppression/stoning of gays."

To be clear, not a single word of what she says is true or accurate.

And she ties her lies into Democratic presidential candidate Mayor Pete Buttigieg's attacks on Vice President Mike Pence's long and ugly history of anti-gay beliefs, policies, and positions.

There is literally zero basis for this obvious lie.

No one on the Left is calling to support Sharia law, or calling to stone LGBTQ people.

Rep. Omar, on her campaign website, has an entire page devoted to the "Fight for LGBTQIA+ Rights."

"The LGBTQIA+ community’s struggle did not end with the legalization of same sex marriage. People in the queer community are disproportionately affected by the same issues we all experience—lack of access to housing, education, and healthcare; violence; workplace discrimination; among many others. I will fight in Congress to uplift the voices of the LGBTQIA+ community, and especially when that intersects with other marginalized identities.," she says.

There is no evidence Rep. Omar supports or is an adherent of Sharia law, and she has specifically said it is "laughable" to think it would come to America.

NCRM reached out to the Congresswoman's office but did not receive a response by press time.

Here's how some responded to Lahren's lie: