Trump aides fear his glee over Mueller report will turn to rage 'the minute it becomes public': CNN
President Donald Trump responds to a question about Jussie Smollett (Screen cap).

CNN's Abby Phillip on Wednesday said that there was a mood of apprehension at the Trump White House this week on the day before special counsel Robert Mueller's report goes public.

Although Trump has claimed to be totally "exonerated" by the Mueller investigation, aides fear that the report itself will contain damaging and embarrassing information that will be coming directly from the sworn testimony of Trump's own staff members.

"White House aides are waiting for this report, just like we are, anticipating it will contain nitty-gritty details that will become very problematic for President Trump," she said. "The president has been saying publicly and privately that he thinks the report ultimately will exonerate him on collusion and obstruction, but aides are worried about what it might say about how he conducts business here in this White House."

Phillip went on to explain that, while there have been past reports of Trump's embarrassing behavior based on unnamed sources, he will have a harder time brushing them off as "fake news" when they come from his aides' sworn testimony.

"These people are worried that the president's mood about this report might change the minute that it becomes public," she said. "It will be challenging, these aides believe, for the White House to deny these stories or call them a mischaracterization of what's going on."

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