Trump begs political opponents for border lifeline: ‘Democrats in Congress must help the Republicans’
Donald Trump on the US-Mexico Border (Photo: Screen capture)

President Donald Trump begged Capitol Hill Democrats for political support in his latest Twitter barrage about his cherished border wall.

"We have redeployed 750 agents at the Southern Border’s specific Ports of Entry in order to help with the large scale surge of illegal migrants trying to make their way into the United States," Trump announced, via Twitter.

"This will cause traffic & commercial delays until such time as Mexico is able to use it’s powerful common sense immigration laws to stop illegals from coming through Mexico into the U.S. and removing them back to their country of origin," Trump argued.

"Until Mexico cleans up this ridiculous & massive migration, we will be focusing on border security, not Ports of Entry," Trump argued, while surging agents at Ports of Entry.

"In the meantime, the Democrats in Congress must help the Republicans (we need their votes) to end the horrible, costly and foolish loopholes in our immigration laws," Trump begged.

"Once that happens, all will be smooth. We can NEVER allow Open Borders," he added.