Trump biographer who has seen president's taxes says Democrats need to go back 15 years: ‘Six years isn’t enough’
Composite image of Tim O'Brien and Nicolle Wallace on MSNBC (screengrabs)

One of the only journalists to have reviewed Donald Trump's tax returns said on Thursday that Democrats are missing a crucial period of the president's business career by only demanding six years of his taxes.

On Wednesday, House Ways and Means Committee Chair Richard Neal (D-MA) submitted a request of the IRS to see six years of Trump's tax returns, using an arcane 100-year-old law.

"Donald Trump may not be inclined to share his tax returns with Congress or the general public for that matter but Democrats don't care," MSNBC anchor Nicolle Wallace explained.

For analysis, Wallace interviewed Bloomberg Opinion executive editor Tim O'Brien, the author of 2005 biography TrumpNation: The Art of Being the Donald.

"You've seen the taxes, though, right?" Wallace asked.

"Right, he turned the taxes over," Bloomberg replied.

"So he sued me for the biography I wrote on him, because he sued me for three pages of the book that focus on how much money he had, when we got to the discovery process we got the bank records and taxes and business records," O'Brien explained.

"I also don't think six years are enough," he noted.

"I think they need to go back about 15 years," he suggested. "A lot of cash came into his business in the mid-aughts from sources that are very murky."

"I think they would answer a lot of questions about his relationship with Russia, for example," he explained.

"And six years isn't going to do it, so I think they need to get more aggressive about the timeframe, too," O'Brien concluded.