Trump can't put his name on a sewage plant -- so Flint is out of luck when it comes to infrastructure funding: CNBC analyst
Demonstrators protest over Flint, Michigan contaminated water crisis outside of the venue where the Democratic U.S. presidential candidates' debate was being held in Flint, Michigan in this March 6, 2016 file photo. (Reuters/Rebecca Cook Files)

Ritholtz Wealth Management CEO and CNBC commentator Josh Brown told MSNBC on Monday that when it comes to rebuilding the United States' infrastructure, President Donald Trump is looking for "glamorous" projects he can put his name on -- so the long-suffering residents of Flint, Michigan will probably be waiting a lot longer for a new sewage system.

"If you're Schumer and Pelosi, it's easy," said Brown. "Just promise to put his name on everything. If they do that, they will get legitimate spending on infrastructure -- and they'll get to steal a lot of it, because we know what his priority is."

Republicans "don't want to go into an election year saying they said no to infrastructure," Brown continued. "The bigger picture though, from the president's perspective, he's got to be able to say that the infrastructure is going to be in needed places to get the Democrats in."

"I don't know if he wants to do the type that we need," he went on, and pointed to the nation's aging water treatment facilities.

"There is absolutely no appetite on the part of Trump to do water treatment for place like Flint, because you don't put your name on a sewage system," Brown said. "He wants to these glamorous, big bridges and tunnels. He looks at the Hoover Dam, he looks at something that has someone's name on it, and they're iconic."

Watch the video below.