Trump is 'downplaying' white supremacist threat: MSNBC analyst
LAS VEGAS NEVADA, DECEMBER 14, 2015: Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks at campaign event at Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino the day before the CNN Republican Presidential Debate (Photo: Joseph Sohm/Shutterstock)

On Monday, British journalist Mehdi Hasan discussed the terrorism threat from white supremacists with MSNBC's Chris Hayes on "All In" — and castigated President Donald Trump for his lack of interest in meaningful action against it.

"I think we've known even before these attacks — these attacks have crystallized it in the sheer barbarism and the sheer death tolls that we've seen in Pittsburgh and obviously San Diego in the weekend and abroad in New Zealand, even though Donald Trump thinks it's not a big problem," said Hasan.

"The statistic I mentioned earlier this week, 70 percent of all terrorist-related deaths in the United States over the past decade have come at the hands of far right-wing extremists, not at the hands of, quote-unquote, jihadists," said Hasan. "Every single one of the 50 deaths on U.S. soil last year, terrorist deaths, were at the hands of white nationalists or people connected to white nationalists."

"This is a massive problem and Trump, of course, has to keep downplaying it," Hasan continued. "If this were ISIS or MS-13, Chris, you know we'd be having a very different conversation. If this were ISIS, we'd be talking about drone strikes and Guantanamo Bay and a bigger Muslim ban. If this were MS-13 it would be, more deportations, more money for ICE, build a bigger wall."

"But it's white nationalists, so from Trump, all you got was 'thoughts and prayers,' that's what he literally tweeted, and then he said the suspect's been apprehended," Hasan raged. "No anger or outrage or any kind of policy appropriations here to deal with this problem. I wonder why."

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