Trump is freaking out about Mueller because he's ‘threatened ’ by unreported incidents in his report: CNN analyst
Robert Mueller, Donald Trump (Photos: Screen captures)

Washington Post congressional reporter Rachael Bade told CNN on Wednesday that President Donald Trump's wild rant about the Mueller report this morning shows the president is still deeply worried about yet-to-be-reported discoveries in the special counsel's report.

"Bill Barr said he's going back to investigate the beginning of the investigation, but every time Robert Mueller was challenged in court, every time the legitimacy of the investigation was challenged in court, Robert Mueller won," said host John King, saying Trump's screed was aimed not only at his base but at muddying the waters.

"Barr in his letter specifically quoted Mueller saying that he wasn't exonerating the president when it came to obstruction of justice," agreed Bade. "He mentioned something else, which I think is important, and perhaps why we're seeing the president react like this."

"Most of the obstruction issues were publicly reported, but that was most, he said specifically in the letter," Bade went on. "That sort of suggests there were other things that happened that have not been reported that perhaps could be used in trying to make the case that the president did obstruct justice."

"We will potentially see those when the Mueller report comes out," she continued. "Maybe he's threatened and worried."

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