Trump is freaking out about the DHS because Fox's Lou Dobbs and Sean Hannity keep yelling at him: WaPo reporter
Fox News personality Sean Hannity and Fox Business Network personality Lou Dobbs (screengrabs)

After MSNBC National-affairs analyst John Heilemann noted that the "larger picture" surrounding Trump's spate of firings seemed to come back to the "elevation" of Steve Miller, an immigration hardliner, Washington Post reporter Bob Costa revealed on Morning Joe what was really going on behind the scenes -- and it was hardly "palace intrigue."

"John, you asked how does the president see this and that's a key word -- 'see'," said Costa. "When you talk to White House officials you hear that the president is watching television and he's watching specifically Lou Dobbs' show on Fox Business and Sean Hannity on Fox News."

Dobbs and the rest of right wing media "have been merciless in going after Department of Homeland Security and Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, saying the migrant surge is not being properly addressed," Costa said, adding that the criticism had only "fueled" Trump's fear of losing his base.

"This is not some kind of palace intrigue with Steven Miller orchestrating a coup at DHS," he said. "This is the president motivated, in part by watching television and his own frustration in meetings with being told no, to take this kind of action."

Watch the video below.