Trump is terrified that Deutsche Bank records will expose him as 'a clown living on credit': Rick Wilson
Rick Wilson on MSNBC- screenshot

Anti-Trump Republican strategist Rick Wilson on Tuesday said that the Trump family's decision to sue Deutsche Bank and Capital One to stop them from turning over Trump-related financial records was very revealing.

In particular, he found it notable that the entire Trump family seems to be putting its weight behind trying to stop these financial institutions from giving information to congressional investigators.

"The fact that Trump, Large Adult Son Don Jr., Buc-ee's mascot Eric, and Myrrha are all parties to the suit tells you a lot," he explained. "This isn't just another episode of America's favorite TV reality show, the Dumbass Borgias. Everything for Trump is the brand, the ego, the image. I suspect that as these things reveal, we'll see the truth of their, flimsy, gimcrack enterprise."

Wilson then explained that the moment when he realized Trump was a financial paper tiger came when a hedge fund manager told him that Trump's entire empire was largely built on smoke and mirrors.

"Trump's not a billionaire," the hedge fund manager told him. "I'm a billionaire. Trump is a clown living on credit."

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