Trump never actually paid North Korea for Otto Warmbier's hospital care: report
Donald Trump with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un (Photo: Screen capture)

North Korea demanded a $2 million "fee" for caring for American Otto Warmbier, who was captured and jailed by the country years ago. When he was finally released it was literally on his death bed. Not long after he landed back in the United States he succumbed to his conditions.

Many are now calling the "fee" akin to a ransom payment, something President Donald Trump attacked former President Barack Obama for doing when American soldiers were captured in Iran.

Bloomberg reporter Margaret Talev said that Trump did not actually pay the $2 million demand.

According to CNN: "The Trump administration has not paid this bill, a third source familiar with the matter told CNN Thursday, adding that North Korea did not raise the issue as it sought to begin easing the tensions with the US in 2018 nor when Secretary of State Mike Pompeo negotiated the release of three Americans that same year, the source said."