Trump rage tweets at Democrats for pursuing Mueller report he claims he hasn't read — but knows what it says
President Donald Trump/Screenshot

President Donald Trump on Saturday morning claimed he still hasn't read special counsel Robert Mueller's report — but that he knows it clears him.

"I have not read the Mueller Report yet, even though I have every right to do so," the president tweeted. "Only know the conclusions, and on the big one, No Collusion."

"Great" Attorney General William Barr, the president claimed, found that there was "no obstruction" — a reference to allegations investigated by Mueller that Trump obstructed justice when firing former FBI Director James Comey.

The Barr summary, however, did not clear the president of obstruction — instead, the AG claimed that Mueller did not find conclusive evidence in either direction.

"The Democrats, no matter what we give them, will NEVER be satisfied," the president tweeted before plugging a Fox News contributor that agrees with him.