'Trump should be in handcuffs right now': CNN panel explodes after president's defender claims White House was cleared by Barr
President Trump participates in a roundtable discussion in Minnesota. (Screenshot/YouTube)

On Thursday, a CNN panel hosted by Jake Tapper went off the rails over the release of special counsel Robert Mueller's report.

Attorney General Bill Barr released the highly anticipated report which, reveals several bombshells about President Donald Trump and his aides.

Political commentator Symone Sanders noted that if Trump was not the president he would most likely be in handcuffs right now as a result of the report.

"Did the president and his allies and the people around him engage in the nefarious activities? That if they were not sitting in the White House or if he was not the president of the United States of America would he and the folks around him currently be in jail?" she said.

'What was the president of the United States doing constantly trying to interfere with this investigation?" Legal analyst Jeffery Toobin said. "The morality of his behavior is worth focusing on. The actual things he did, I don't know what the political implications are."

"This is not the justice system. Honestly, with the things laid out right now, Donald Trump would be in handcuffs. This is an enforcement system," Sanders said.

Watch below via CNN: