This Trump story proves just how insecure he is: CNN editor
President Donald Trump talks in the White House (Screen cap).

A short anecdote from a recent New York Times report reveals just how insecure President Donald really is, one CNN editor noted Wednesday.

In a Times report published earlier in the day about Rupert Murdoch's influence empire, CNN's Chris Cillizza noted, is a story about the president getting into a small tiff with a Fox contributor while on the campaign trail in 2016.

"After the Fox contributor and Weekly Standard editor Stephen F. Hayes called Trump 'a clown,' Trump faxed [Fox News anchor Bret] Baier a copy of his résumé, with a note scrawled across it in black marker: 'Tell Hayes no clown could have done all this!'" Times reporters Jonathan Mahler and Jim Rutenberg wrote.

Cillizza noted that he and most political reporters he knows have "been on the receiving end of one of Trump's faxed missives."

"Now, it's important to remember that Trump is legendary for having articles he likes (or doesn't) printed out," the CNN editor-at-large noted, "scrawling a note of praise or contempt on them and then having the article faxed to its author."

But even for Trump, Cillizza argued, this was beyond the pale.

"Sending your resume to someone who criticizes you is right up there with comparing SAT scores or high school athletic accolades," he wrote. "It's just not done. Not by grown adults at least."

Trump was 70-years-old, a billionaire, and a celebrity for nearly four decades when he sent his resume to Baier.

"And yet, he could not let a slight from what he assumed was his home cable TV network roll off his back," Cillizza wrote. "He had to show Steve Hayes that he was no clown. He was Donald Trump! Rich, powerful, accomplished and well-educated."

"Rich people who are secure in their wealth don't spend a lot of time telling you how rich they are. Smart people who are secure in their intellect don't need to tell you how smart they are. Accomplished people who are secure don't need to send their resume to every person who attacks them," the editor noted.

"You get the idea," Cillizza concluded. "Donald Trump, well, doesn't."