Trump 'talks like Stalin but governs like Homer Simpson': WaPo columnist
President Donald Trump, left, and Homer Simpson, right.

Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank has written a brutal column about President Donald Trump's governing style as revealed through special counsel Robert Mueller's report on Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

According to Milbank, the Mueller report has revealed that Trump is deeply corrupt and amoral -- but is also comically inept when it comes to actually executing his nefarious plans.

"After two years of investigation, Mueller’s findings about Team Trump can be roughly summarized as follows," Milbank writes. "Too stupid to conspire. Too incompetent to obstruct."

Milbank also says that this kind of incompetent corruption has extended itself to all levels of the executive branch under Trump, as it has blundered through multiple self-inflicted crises.

"Trump routinely proposes illegal actions to top aides -- the secretary of state, the secretary of homeland security, the White House counsel, Pentagon officials -- and they ignore him," he writes. "His advisers quit and are fired at a record pace, leaving vacancies, placeholders and semi-functioning agencies. He flopped in repealing Obamacare and botched implementation of his travel ban and his family-separation policies. He shut the government down in fruitless pursuit of a border wall and managed to help create a crisis on the border where none had existed before. He spews falsehoods by the thousand and announces policies that don’t exist."

While Milbank is ambivalent about whether Trump is worth impeaching, he does admit relief that the president is not nearly as frightening as he wants his political foes to believe.

"Trump, with his 'enemy of the people' shtick, might talk like Joseph Stalin, but -- fortunately -- he governs more like Homer Simpson," he concludes.