Trump told to stop tweeting to improve 'very bad' poll numbers -- he responded with tweets attacking John McCain
Donald Trump (Photo: Screen capture)

A new report from Vanity Fair's Gabriel Sherman claims that a defiant President Donald Trump is resisting calls from top campaign advisers to dial back on his tweets in the hopes of helping his poll numbers.

According to Sherman, Trump's campaign has found that the president has "very bad" polling numbers heading into the 2020 election -- so bad that campaign chief Brad Parscale advised him to quit tweeting so much to boost his approval ratings among women voters.

Trump, however, responded by launching dozens of tweets in one day that included more attacks on the late Sen. John McCain and the promotion of a tweet from a "QAnon" conspiracy theorist.

"Brad went to him and Trump’s response was like 40 tweets," Sherman's source said.

Elsewhere in Sherman's report, Republicans close to the White House expressed concern that the president's "victory lap" about the Mueller report would soon blow up in his face after more details about the special counsel's findings became public.

"Donald gets oversold on things," one Republican told him. "This is just another example of that... The White House realizes the report may have a lot of sh*t in it."