Trump uncorked a ‘truly bizarre’ rant against George Washington during visit to Mount Vernon: report
Donald Trump gives an interview/Screenshot

President Donald Trump last year took a trip to visit George Washington's estate at Mount Vernon -- and he was apparently not impressed by what he saw.

Politico reports that he did not find much to appreciate last year when Mount Vernon president and CEO Doug Bradburn gave him a guided tour of Washington's 11,000-square-foot mansion.

In fact, according to the report, Trump criticized many of Washington's architectural and design choices, including having fairly small rooms and narrow staircases, that were far more common in the 18th century than they are today.

Trump also told Bradburn that he "could have built the place better... and for less money."

Additionally, Trump criticized Washington for naming his estate Mount Vernon, instead of naming it after himself as Trump has done with many of his treasured real estate properties.

Bradburn had a hard time keeping Trump's interest throughout the tour and tried to hold his attention by pointing out that Washington was a wealthy real estate titan just like Trump.

Bradburn did not have much luck overall in getting the president interested in American history, however, and he later described Trump's visit to the estate as "truly bizarre."

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