Trump voter tells MSNBC it would be ‘disastrous’ if she lost her Obamacare coverage
2016 Trump voter Margaret Grassie talks with MSNBC (Screen cap).

A Trump voter in West Virginia told MSNBC this week that she is worried about the Trump administration's plan to overturn the entire Affordable Care Act.

While speaking with the network, West Virginia resident Margaret Grassie said that "it would be disastrous for me" if the entire health care law got overturned without any kind of replacement ready.

"My prescriptions each month are about $800," she said. "The health care that I get here is amazing. The quality is great here, but if you take Obamacare away, it's not just going to affect me, it's going to affect thousands in West Virginia -- thousands!"

Even though she voted for President Donald Trump in 2016, she tells MSNBC that she'd have to look at other candidates if Trump kept threatening her health care coverage, and she said health care would "absolutely" determine her vote in 2020.

Watch the video below.