Trump willing to tank economy to get his wall built: 'Security is more important than trade'
President Donald Trump/CNN screen shot

President Donald Trump in a Tuesday conference made clear that he was completely willing to let the American economy tank on his watch by completely closing the U.S.-Mexico border, saying that security was more important than trade with our third largest trading partner and largest supplier of imported produce.

"Sure, it's going to have a negative impact on the economy," the president jovially admitted of his proposed shutdown. "It is one of the biggest trade deals in the world that we've just done with the USMCA. It is a very big trading partner."

"Trading is very important, the borders are very important, but security is what most important. I have to have security," said Trump. "And we're going to have security in this country. That is more important than trade."

"Let me just give you a little secret, security is more important to me than trade, so we're going to have a strong border, or we're going to have a closed border," the president repeated for a third time. "I'm totally prepared to do it."

Watch the video below.