Trump’s favorite bank fears disciplinary action for acting as ‘global laundromat’ for Russian mobsters
Felix Sater and Donald Trump, screengrab from BBC Panorama

Deutsche Bank, the German bank that became famous for lending Donald Trump money when no other major bank would touch him, fears it's about to get hammered over its role in facilitating a massive Russian money laundering scheme.

The Guardian reports that a confidential internal Deutsche Bank report warns that regulators in the United States and the United Kingdom could bring the hammer down for helping Kremlin-linked Russian criminals move dirty money into the global financial system.

"The bank admits there is a high risk that regulators in the US and UK will take 'significant disciplinary action' against it," the Guardian reports. "Deutsche concedes that the scandal has hurt its 'global brand' -- and is likely to cause 'client attrition,' loss of investor confidence and a decline in its market value."

Although it is not yet known how much money was moved as part of the scheme, which as been dubbed the "Global Laundromat," investigators believe there could have been as much as $80 billion laundered through the bank.

"Deutsche Bank was used to launder the money via its corresponding banking network – effectively allowing illegal Russian payments to be funneled to the US, the European Union and Asia," the publication writes.

A major report from the New York Times last month found that executives at Deutsche Bank saw major “red flags” surrounding President Donald Trump’s financial dealings -- but they kept funding him anyway, in part because he helped bring prestige to their institution.

Among other things, Deutsche Bank employees flagged Trump for “wild” exaggerations of his personal wealth, as well as “a promised loan that relied on a banker’s forged signature.”