Trump's worst enemy is the English language: Stephen Colbert
'Late Show' host Stephen Colbert (screengrab)

On Tuesday, comedian Stephen Colbert mocked President Donald Trump for pronouncing the word "origins" as "oranges."

After ranting about special counsel Robert Mueller's report Trump contradicted himself. Trump said that it would not make a difference whether or not Mueller released his full report but later called Democrats ridiculous for fighting for the report to be released.

He went on to say that "origins" of the report should be investigated in which he incorrectly pronounced as "oranges."

"See if you can notice his small slip of the brain," Colbert said before he played the clip of Trump.

"We can vitamin C right through the lies," Colbert joked.

He then said that Trump's mistake reminded him of a classic joke.

"Knock Knock," Colbert said.

"Who's there," the audience responded.

"Orange," Colbert said.

"Orange who?" the audience said.

"Orange you ashamed that we have a president who can't pronounce origins," Colbert joked.

Watch below: