Tucker Carlson: Criticizing white nationalists 'is exactly how you destroy a country'
Tucker Carlson (Screengrab)

The threat of white nationalism has grown more visible and more ominous over the past several years, with far-right activists explicitly calling for a white ethnostate committing acts of murder and terrorism around the country.

But Fox News' Tucker Carlson — a man known for promoting white nationalist rhetoric himself on primetime TV — devoted a whole segment on Wednesday night to explaining why white nationalism is virtually nonexistent, and even if it does exist, criticizing it is bad.

"You would rather be called a cannibal than a white nationalist, and of course, that is exactly the point. That's why [Democrats] say it," complained Carlson. "You could live your entire life here without running into a white nationalist. No matter what they tell you, this is a remarkably kind and decent country."

"The left has nothing to sell, nothing that will make your life better," said Carlson. "Instead they whip up race hatred and fear — scared people vote. Just tell them the other side wants to put them in camps or murder them, and they'll show up at the polls and vote for you, however reluctantly."

Carlson then appeared to conflate criticism of white nationalism with criticism of white people.

"Attacking people for their race is exactly how you destroy a country," Carlson concluded. "That's what Democrats are doing. It's obvious they just don't care."

Watch below: