UNCOVERED: Bizarre YouTube rant from a ‘pro-life’ Trump supporter who threatened to kill and eat a college professor
Matthew Haviland speaking in a YouTube video. (Screenshot)

An anti-abortion Trump supporter was arrested for sending shocking death threats to a college professor. Prior to his arrest, the man had been promoting extremism on YouTube.

Matthew Haviland, 30, of North Kingstown on Wednesday was charged with cyberstalking and with transmitting a threat in interstate commerce.

According to prosecutors, Haviland sent a Massachusetts professor a string of approximately 28 e-mails containing messages that included such threats as, “I will rip every limb from your body and eat it, piece by piece,” and “I will bite through your eyeballs while you’re still alive, and I will laugh while you scream.” The professor had spoken in favor of abortion rights.

Haviland also expressed anger at how the news media portrayed Trump.

"You are evil. Pure evil," one email said. "All Democrats must be eradicated."

The two charges against Haviland carry a maximum of five years in prison.

Local news outlet WPRI reported that Haviland also posted a video on YouTube in which he explained that people had the "freedom" to kill women and doctors because of abortion.

According to The Daily Beast, Haviland also posted other videos on YouTube in which he praised Trump, attacked special counsel Robert Mueller, and promoted various right-wing figures.

Watch below: