Unhinged Walmart rant: Woman claims she can't be racist because her nephew is part 'aloha'
A Glendora, California woman calls the police on a man for looking "illegal" and claims she can't be racist because her nephew is part "aloha." Images via screengrab.

A woman filmed going on a xenophobic tirade in the parking lot of a Glendora, California Walmart claimed she's not a racist because her father is black...and because she has a nephew who is part "aloha."

In the video first posted by a Facebook user who claimed it was filmed by a friend's husband, the woman is seen speaking on the phone to the police and telling them that the man is "illegal" and is being "creepy" by filming her.

The woman is then heard saying the man "came out of the bushes" and is "trying to take pictures" of her before alleging that he is impersonating an electrical worker — even though a bystander told her that he works with a group of electrical employees off-camera.

"He looks illegal from Mexico," she said, adding that the man who filming is "speaking broken English."

She then asked the man filming if he has a green card and can show her documentation — and when the bystander criticized her and told her she was being "super racist," she claimed that she couldn't be because her "dad is black."

"My dad is black, don't call me a racist, as*hole," the woman is heard telling the bystander. "My dad is f*cking black."

She later says that her "little nephew" is "Italian, Mexican and 'aloha'" in another apparent defense against the bystander's assertion that she's a racist.

Watch below: