Busing migrants to Sanctuary Cities is the ‘compassionate thing to do’: Trumpster Kirsten Pearson
Katrina Pierson/Screenshot

President Donald Trump's campaign spokesperson Katrina Pierson appeared on Steve Hilton's Fox News show Sunday to rant about the president's latest plan to bus migrants into Sanctuary Cities.

While critics have railed against Trump for using human beings as a political ploy, Pierson claimed that bussing people into the cities was the "compassionate thing to do."

"The government had one function it would be to protect the homeland but the reason it is so hysterical, and we are laughing here because these are the same people in the media who are declaring chaos because the president is making the necessary changes to one of his agencies that will implement his policy," she said in the Fox panel discussion.

Pierson then admitted, "there is no chaos on the border."

"We had the president consistently want to fix the policies," she continued, saying Trump tried to talk to the Democrats, but they wouldn't play ball. The Democrats and Republicans in Congress developed a deal they'd been working on for years. When the GOP controlled the House and Senate, the plan was set, and the votes were there, but Trump refused to sign it.

"Now we have tens of thousands of more people along the way, so the president says 'OK, fine, we will send these asylum-seekers to the communities that say we want asylum-seekers and it is a compassionate thing to do to resettle these immigrants into communities that want to protect them and keep them safe,'" she closed.

Watch the video below: