Voto Latino president says Stephen Miller is the ‘puppet master’ of the White House: ‘He’s in charge’
Stephen Miller [Photo: screen grab from CNN]

The president of the group "Voto Latino" slammed White House policy advisor Stephen Miller as the "puppet master" of the White House.

María Teresa Kumar on Tuesday linked to a special report on the White House aide by MSNBC chief legal analyst Ari Melber, which she said was "must watch."

"Four weeks ago I learned that president handed Steve Miller immigration," she wrote. "As I said last night on ['The Last Word' wit Lawrence O'Donnell], Miller is [White House] puppet master."

"Unlike [Steve] Bannon, Miller knows [Capitol Hill], government and knows not to overshadow his boss," she added. "He’s in charge, deftly avoiding attention."

Watch the full report: