'Wake-up call': Ex-CIA analyst warns against 'underestimating' Robert Mueller's rebuke of AG Barr
Phil Mudd [ Photo: screenshot from CNN]

On Tuesday, Former CIA analyst Phil Mudd railed against Attorney General Bill Barr for misleading the American people. Robert Mueller scrutinized Barr after he released a misleading summary of the special counsel's report.

"This is a wake up call," Mudd told CNN host Chris Cuomo. "Let me explain the psychology. You can get a wake-up call in the morning when the sun touches your face or with a baseball bat. This is a baseball bat wake-up call."

Mudd then explained how Mueller stepping outside of his lane is important.

"The Department of Justice does prosecutions, White House does politics, Congress does the law, the media does news reporting. For him to step out of his lane and say we concluded the investigation -- and disagree with the public characterization. You cannot underestimate what he is saying. Stepping out as a former marine from his lane and saying I cannot agree outside of my realm of investigation with how you’re characterizing this publicly. It’s stunning."

Watch below via CNN: