Watch this British politician annihilate a Trump defender in an explosive debate on racism
Labour MP David Lammy. (Screenshot/LBC)

A British Labour Party politician had an intense debate with a person who called into the LBC talk radio station.

A caller named Timmy challenged David Lammy for referring to President Donald Trump as “racist,” insisting he saw no evidence of it.

Lammy first brought up the neo-Nazi marches in Charlottesville and Trump’s response.

He also noted that Trump responded to a terror attack in London by tweeting an anti-Muslim video produced by a far-right British group.

"The only individual to spew out venom was Donald Trump, who decided it was appropriate to support a Britain First video that was deeply Islamophobic," Lammy said.

Timmy, however, was upset that people referred to prejudice against Muslims as racism. “At least call it bigotry. It’s not racist to criticize a religion,” he complained.

Timmy insisted that Lammy had not provided any evidence of Trump’s alleged racism. The caller also noted that unemployment had gone down under Trump.

“What’s that got to do with it?” Lammy shot back. “I’m talking about his racism!”