WATCH: Former FBI special agent stunned by Mueller team’s pushback against Barr
Composite image of Donald Trump and William Barr (official photos)

Former FBI special agent Asha Rangappa told CNN on Thursday that the Mueller team's pushback against Attorney General Bill Barr's four-page summary of the special counsel's report was nothing short of "astonishing" -- and suggested the attorney general was actively trying to "distort" its findings.

"I think this pushback actually is pretty astonishing because what it suggests is that Barr went beyond perhaps merely being biased but maybe even actively mischaracterized or even distorted what some of the findings are," Rangappa said. "That does a huge disservice to the public."

"Any lawyer would know that that is going beyond your ethical obligations," she continued. "Certainly the attorney general of the United States, who is ultimately the chief law enforcement officer for the American public, had a duty to be more forthcoming, or at least more objective about how he presented what was inside of that report."

Watch the video below.