WATCH: Raging Texas man abuses and threatens Arab store employee — then gets his comeuppance
A Texas man brags about "killing Arabs" while being recorded by a bystander and is later confronted by the police (images via screengrab).

A Texas man was reportedly arrested and charged after shouting anti-Arab abuse at a DirecTV employee — all while being filmed by a bystander.

In the video posted by Twitter user @mohamburger, the man appears to get upset when he learned that the employee is named Mohammed.

"Godd*mn f*cking Arabs," the man said while walking away from the desk in a huff.

The woman filming begins to try to speak to him, to which he counters that he "really doesn't give a f*ck what some b*tch has to say."

"I really don't give a sh*t about some godd*mn Arab when I've been killing their godd*mn kind for six months," the man tells the woman filming. "Actually, two years — six months in the last country I was in."

"People like this are the reason our country's going to what it's going to," he adds. "I've been killing his kind for longer than you've probably been alive."

The woman counters that she's 55 years old and the man responds: "That's cute."

"His kind," the man adds, "I been killing for almost 20 years."

The woman tells the man that she'd called the police and indeed, as the man walks out of the shop, a police officer confronts him and asks what was going on.

The @mohamburger user included arrest information that claimed the man's name is Joey Christian, and another user shared a Facebook profile matching the name and appearance of that man.

Upon searching that user's Facebook "Likes," Raw Story found that he liked pages related to Confederate groups as well as the right-wing Oath Keepers militia and the Confederate/neo-Nazi Peckerwood prison gang.

You can watch videos of the incident below: