WATCH: Seth Meyers brutally mocks Trump for keeping his tax returns hidden
Seth Meyers talks about Donald Trump's handling of hurricanes/Screenshot

On Monday, comedian Seth Meyers mocked President Donald Trump for his ongoing effort to keep his tax returns hidden.

"President Trump has been resisting calls for three years to release his tax returns, " Meyers said.

Meyers then called Trump's claim that he can't release his tax returns "fake."

"He'll tease it up like he is about switch gears, and then just repeats himself again," he joked. "Knowing that the audit excuse is a transparent lie."

He then mocked Trump for saying that he can't release his tax returns because they are to "complex" for people to "understand."

"We need an audit to figure out what he's sayings," Meyers joked. "Why does the president of the United States aways sound like spam email asking you for your social security number."

Watch below: