WATCH: Trump-loving Candace Owens launches off-the-rails rant against Antifa in hearing on white supremacy
Candace Owens (Twitter)

Trump supporter Candace Owens on Tuesday delivered an off-the-rails rant during her testimony in a hearing about the rise of hate crimes in the United States.

In her opening statement, Owens baselessly accused the federal government and Anti-Defamation League of faking hate crime statistics as a way to make President Donald Trump look bad.

"What they won't tell you about the statistics and the rise of white nationalism is that they've simply changed the data set points by widening the definition of hate crimes and upping the number of reporting agencies that are able to report on them!" she said. "They are manipulating statistics!"

Owens went on to say that the goal of purportedly faking hate crime statistics is to scare people of color into voting for Democrats in 2020 because "they feel that Donald Trump should not have beat Hillary."

Owens then said that, if Democrats really wanted to investigate white nationalist organizations, they should look into anti-fascist organizations such as Antifa.

"If they were actually concerned about white nationalism they would be holding hearings on Antifa, a far-left violent white gang who determined, one day in Philadelphia, that I, a black woman, was not fit to sit in a restaurant!" she said.

Watch the video below.