'What part of illegal don't you understand?': Republican analyst rips Trump for abuse of pardon power
President Donald Trump during an interview on Fox Business. (Screenshot/YouTube)

On Tuesday, Republican analyst Linda Chavez knocked President Donald Trump for having little respect for the U.S constitution.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) requested information on whether or not President Trump offered to pardon Acting DHS Secretary Kevin McAleenan.

"These allegations, if true, would represent a grave breach of the duties of the President," the letter said.

"What part of illegal don't you understand, Mr. President?" Chavez told CNN's Jake Tapper. "This is really quite appalling. He is out there, basically flouting U.S. Law."

She added, "The man has no respect for the Constitution. He has no respect for the separation of powers. I just find this whole episode one of the worse we've seen."

Watch below via CNN: