White man beats black woman in viral video — and now police want to charge her
L'Daijohnique Lee (left) described being beaten (center) by bartender Austin Shuffield (right, via Dallas County Sheriff).

A black woman beaten by a white man in a viral video may herself be charged for damaging the man's truck following the attack.

Dallas-Fort Worth's WFAA reported that L'Daijohnique Lee may, according to sources familiar with the process, be charged with felony criminal mischief after she broke white bartender Austin Shuffield's windshield when he repeatedly punched her.

Last week, video of Shuffield punching Lee over a parking deck dispute went viral.

In the video, the 30-year-old bartender is seen accosting the 24-year-old woman after she accidentally blocked a parking deck exit. Shuffield then brandishes a gun and knocks Lee's phone out of her hand before delivering "a series of upper-cut punches and jabs to the woman’s face and head," WFAA described in its report.

Police sources told the news station that Lee "caused thousands of dollars of damage" to her attacker's truck.

You can watch bystander video of the incident below: