BUSTED: White woman caught making false report about a black man attacking her
Young white woman looks annoyed (Shutterstock)

Police have confirmed that a white woman, 49, lied about being attacked by a black man, according to the Boston Herald.

The alleged attack took place on March 25th. The woman's name has not been released. She claimed that she was robbed and assaulted at Russell Park in Quincy, Massachusetts.

The woman said that the man "threw her to the ground and stole money from her purse. The suspect then fled towards Faxon Field, leaving the purse behind."

"As part of a thorough investigation, detectives reviewed surveillance in the area of the crime scene. When Detective Eddy re-interviewed the alleged victim, she confessed that she had made a false report," police said.

The women will be "summonsed to Quincy District Court for allegedly filing a false police report," police said.