'A gross expression of Christian nationalism': Baptist leader shreds evangelicals who think Trump was sent by God
Pastors praying over Donald Trump (Photo: Screen capture)

Trump 2020 campaign manager Brad Parscale this week said that President Donald Trump had been literally sent by God to save the United States -- and at least one Christian leader is calling him out for completely misinterpreting the Bible.

In a tweet posted on Tuesday morning, Parscale wrote of Trump that "only God could deliver such a savior to our nation" and he further said that he was proud that God had chosen him to help Trump get reelected.

But Politico reports that Amanda Tyler, executive director of the Washington-based Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty, thinks that Parscale is gravely mistaken to ascribe divine will to any elected official.

"Christians should beware of a political use of the word 'savior,' which goes to the very heart of our faith," she said. "This particular statement is a gross expression of Christian nationalism, which I define as equating Christian and American identities. People of faith know that God is much larger than any one candidate, party, election or country."

Even Trump supporter Jerry Falwell Jr. told Politico that it would be a mistake to ascribe God's will to Trump's presidency, since it would mean Christians would have to blame God for former President Barack Obama's eight years in the White House.

"I don’t think you can say that God gives us good leaders," he said. "What do you do when you get a bad one, say, 'God messed up'? That’s silly."