Alan Dershowitz faces furious round of questioning from The View about his involvement in Epstein scandal
Alan Dershowitz appears on "The View" (Photo: Screen capture)

Lawyer Alan Dershowitz heralded himself as like a doctor saving lives regardless of the patient, during a Thursday interview on "The View."

It was Republican Meghan McCain who demanded answers from Dershowitz for his representation of sketchy and unseemly characters like accused child molester Jeffrey Epstein.

"I don't allow my personal interests and values to intrude on my professional life. I think of myself like a doctor or priest," said Dershowitz.

He explained that representing Epstein was simply part of the job, noting he's represented Nazis and Communists.

"I think it's important for men and anybody else to be held accountable for anything they did sexually against women," he continued.

Co-host Sunny Hostin noted that Epstein was initially charged with the molestation of 36 young girls, but pleaded down to two state charges of prostitution. The initial 53-page indictment could have ended with Epstein spending the rest of his life in jail. He ultimately spent a little over a year in his own wing of a Palm Beach County jail where he could come and go as he wished.

"That's a shockingly light sentence," Hostin said, noting as a federal prosecutor she put child molesters in prison.

Dershowitz said that people should complain about the judge and the prosecutors for allowing him to get Epstein off with a slap on the wrist. Indeed, President Donald Trump's Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta is now being accused of breaking the law with the plea deal he crafted.

Watch the full interview below: