American mows down 5 people in Tijuana after high-speed chase to the border
(Photo: Screen captures of crash video)

An American tourist is at fault for mowing down several people in Mexico after a high-speed chase back to the American border, ABC7 reported.

The Associated Press reported Wednesday that the American threatened a Mexican man with a knife on a Tijuana boulevard about a mile from the border crossing. he then fled in his black truck with a Utah license plate when officers tried to intervene.

The man hit five people with his car as well as 14 vendor stalls and 17 vehicles.

He ultimately stopped just outside the U.S. border. The driver and a female passenger were dragged from the vehicle by bystanders and beaten until police intervened.

Police have not released the names of the individuals. The woman was interviewed and claimed that they couldn't stop the car or they would have been killed.

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