Andrew Napolitano: Brett Kavanaugh 'disappointed' his anti-abortion buddies by allowing Mike Pence's law to die
Andrew Napolitano appears on Fox News (screen grab)

Fox News senior judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano said on Tuesday that the Supreme Court's newest conservative justice, Brett Kavanaugh, has "disappointed" the very people who pushed to have him nominated.

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court said that it was reinstating an Indiana law signed by then-Governor Mike Pence which requires aborted fetuses to be buried. At the same time, the court said an Indiana law that bans abortion on the basis of race, sex or disability should continue to be blocked.

Napolitano noted that Kavanaugh was expected to take a hardline against abortion.

"You’ll see the right to life people criticizing justice Kavanaugh," Napolitano predicted. "The second time he disappointed them by presumably -- we don’t have a vote on this -- presumably agreeing not to interfere with a decision below that is perceived as being pro-abortion."

"They were expecting let’s say him to be more decidedly pro-life," he added.

Watch the video below from Fox News.